Michael McGranahan at Pike Place Market


Software architect, craftsman, and educator

I'm a creative technologist who, given sufficient C8H10N4O2 and/or Mexican food, efficiently crafts software that is a joy to use and to maintain.

I approach software production with equal doses of empathy and strategy. Empathy helps me to best align contributors, stakeholders and end-users; strategy helps me to promote sustainability and to address compounding costs and benefits. More than a decade of experience leading and contributing to projects across a variety of sectors and organizational types, has instilled in me a deep appreciation for diversity, curiosity, humility, and courage. Specific things I like include C#, the web platform, and XP practices.

In April 2012, I created Blocvox.com, a community opinion platform that aims to strengthen communities by making personal involvement easy, effective and fun.

In April 2014, I joined Stack Overflow's engineering team, working to overhaul the ecommerce UI, seeking to improve processes, and volunteering for inclusive community programs run jointly with the Flatiron School and Girl Develop It NYC.

In August 2016, I took a step in a new direction as a full-stack .NET and Node.js instructor at Sabio, a Los Angeles coding boot camp that has a focus on diversity and inclusion.